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Additional Services

Individuals, Couples, Families

My training as a psychotherapist is rooted in the profession of social work, which honors the individual's dignity and worth with sensitivity to his or her cultural lens and values. It is most important that my clients and I build a trusting connection so that we can identify their needs and build upon their strengths.  My approach is mindfulness-based, which honors one's unique experience of life by being present to it and accepting of it. I draw from traditional methods of psychotherapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), with a mindfulness orientation (MBCT).  Many of my clients are challenged by extreme anxiety and depression from trauma, addictive behaviors , and difficult relationships.  Together we explore skills and strategies for building self-compassion and self-esteem so that healing can take place.  As we shift to view their lives through the lens of personal empowerment, I then offer tools for them to more effectively manage life's twists and turns.  I welcome teens, young adults, adults, couples and families to my  virtual office.  I am licensed to practice in Washington State and California.  

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