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"Jackie is a conscientious and caring therapist. She is well-versed in many women's health issues and she has particular expertise in infertility and maternal health issues.  She has a style that's relaxed and comforting, especially helpful for people going through the ups and downs of infertility or postpartum issues.  You can rest assured you're in good hands with such a competent and skilled individual, who really knows her craft. "   

                                                                          -Beth E. 


"Jacqueline was an essential source of support for me in navigating and learning to process prior traumas from my journey to build a family. By processing the grief from my history of loss and infertility and learning tools to cope when things are tough, I feel much more equipped to move into this next phase, and I think it has made me an even better mom to my babies." 

                                                                                -Karen R. 


"Jacqueline has been my therapist, my spiritual guide, my teacher, and my calm, but most of all my "light" on a very windy and somewhat unsure road."  

-Naydeen C.


"Jacqueline has shown me that anything is possible.  I don't know what this New Year will bring but...I will dwell in the possibilities."  

-Theresa U.


"Thank You Jackie for all the ways that you have helped me uncover who I truly am."  

-Karen N. 


"Jackie was a patient and supportive guide during an extremely difficult Christmas. I have no doubt her sincerity, compassion, and expertise played a crucial role in helping me find my own solution. "

-Misty C. 

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